Xiamen Red Star Macalline gives preferential treat

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Recently, after more than a month of planning and preparation, Xiamen Red Star Macalline has a seven-day inclusive activity on the seventh day of the national day. Xiamen Red Star Macalline has seven-day inclusive activities on the seventh day of the National Day: when the consumption is over 2000, the minimum rebate is 200, and the maximum rebate is 4999 yuan; Shopping can buy cars; 210 home appliances will be delivered within 7 days; 700 sets of home textiles for 1 yuan. At the same time, different types of theme activities are offered every day according to the needs of consumers

October 2 is the direct selling day of the factory. More than 1000 products with ex factory price are paid to the store for consumers to choose and buy. The merchants in the whole hall, such as Ming and Qing Dynasty charm solid wood furniture, Mondrian mattress, gold medal cabinet, delicate ceiling, Sofia wardrobe, OULIN appliance, Feimei floor, golden bright wooden door, Linnei appliance, taoyilang ceramic tile, French standard sanitary ware and so on, have come up with their own brands for promotion, giving Lilu Island consumer friends their affection

Xiamen Red Star Macalline made great profits for this event. Discounts can be superimposed. Products with factory price are all selected in a unified competition. The price is as low as one discount, and the quantity reaches thousands





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