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Different from the need to moisturize the floor in winter, after entering spring, the floor needs to be on guard against moisture. Especially in the south, spring is also the rainy season, so consumers should pay more attention to the common sense of moisture-proof and mildew proof treatment of the floor when decorating

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wet floor is easy to damage

in spring, during the use of the floor, we must pay attention to keeping the floor dry and clean. In general, the moisture content of the floor should be kept at 8% - 13%. However, improper laying and use will also cause quality problems of the floor, such as the lack of moisture-proof treatment during laying; Wet with water or scrub with alkaline water or soap water, which will damage the brightness of the paint; The toilet and room floor are not well isolated; In summer, the curtain is not properly drawn, which makes the floor in front of the window change color and crack after being exposed to the scorching sun; Or the temperature of the air conditioner is turned on too low, so that the temperature difference between day and night changes too much, causing the floor to expand or contract too violently, causing deformation and cracking, etc

in addition, moisture resistance is the most important technical index of wood flooring. The floor with poor moisture-proof performance, in geothermal for a long time “ Steam roast ” Once moisture enters, the edge of the floor must be warped, causing damage to the floor. The high-quality floor adopts high-density substrate, which has excellent moisture-proof performance, and the water absorption thickness expansion rate is far less than the national standard. In addition, the special wear-resistant layer, decorative paper and balance layer can well integrate the substrate “ Closed ”, It ensures that the overall moisture-proof performance of the floor is better

three points of quality and seven points of installation

there has always been a saying in the flooring industry that wood flooring is “ Three parts of the floor and seven parts of the installation ”, That is, the installation determines 70% of the floor quality. The unsatisfactory use of the floor is largely caused by the inadequate floor paving. The problem of floor paving has become a stubborn disease that restricts the use of the floor

to avoid unpleasant floor maintenance, it is more important to do a good job in sales. Professionals told reporters that before the installation of the floor, the staff must carry out four different aspects of measurement preparation, which can greatly enhance the accuracy and precision for the later construction process, and can effectively detect the “ Sand, tide, concave, convex, crack ” And so on. In addition, the staff should pay special attention to the flatness of the ground. If the ground is flat, there will be no arching under the floor; If the ground is not wet, the floor will not expand. These should be carefully tested

pave the floor also “ The right time and place &rdquo

floor paving is not random, but to grasp “ The time, place and people are in harmony ” The paving principle of. The supervisor said that due to the large temperature difference between day and night in spring, attention should be paid to moisture-proof and other issues in the paving of floors and floor tiles. Therefore, before paving the wooden floor, it is best to put it down at a room temperature of 16 ℃ to 18 ℃ for two days. In addition, the best time to install the floor is “ The time, place and people are in harmony ” Period of time. In short, weather refers to sunny weather. It is best to install it for about 7 days, which is sunny without rain; Geographical advantage requires that the floor should not be installed before the ground is completely dry; Renhe must find professional workers to install the floor for you. At the same time, professional damp proof mats are laid under the floor to prevent the floor from being damp

in particular, it is necessary to avoid walking and placing heavy objects within 48 hours after the floor is paved, leaving enough time for floor bonding. The newly paved floor is best cleaned with a vacuum cleaner or broom





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