Corona 2018 Beijing International Home Furnishing

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Booth: W4 hall-e07

June 14-17,

home of design, home of the future

Beijing International Home Furnishing Exhibition and Smart Life Festival,

will open in Beijing ・ China International Exhibition center,

the exhibition site will gather more than 500 first-line home furnishing brands around the world,

lead Chinese home furnishing life with the power of design

design has infinite power,

makes ordinary homes shine with extraordinary light,

makes unchanging life colorful,

makes ordinary life interesting

and the original design,

makes this light unique,

makes the colorful life different,

makes the interesting life more enjoyable


as one of the top ten brands in China's wall fabric industry,

was invited by Beijing's incredibly home.

with this style of originality,

will strongly enter the Beijing International Exhibition Center


adheres to the original design and the spirit of ingenuity,

has a top pattern design team at home and abroad,

pattern design complies with the artistic integrity and detail engraving,

pays attention to the combination of aesthetics and practicality,

with the power of original design,

realizes people's dream of getting home from the house

in this Beijing exhibition,

corona will present the original art of the wall without reservation

exhibition guide of corona Beijing International Home Furnishing Exhibition

booth address: Hall w4-e07

exhibition address: No. 88, Yuxiang Road, Tianzhu Airport District, Shunyi District, Beijing

together with corona,

shout to the world,

carry out the power of original design to the end




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