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On the morning of October 14, the launching ceremony of the water-based wood paint workshop was successfully held in the production department of metus group. Present at the opening ceremony were Li Feng, general manager of the manufacturing center, jiangjiacheng, director of the production department, yangchenghua, director of the logistics department, and others

in the water-based wood paint workshop, the electromechanical control and loading installation system is enabled at the bottom of the server. The production staff carry out the actual operation under the guidance of the engineers and assistant engineers of the technical department. The quality inspectors also go to the site to detect the control indicators in the production process of water-based wood paint. The production staff said that they would stick to their posts and complete the production task of the group's waterborne wood paint with quality and quantity. Quality inspectors also said that they would strictly control product quality and resolutely put an end to product quality problems. The leaders of the company expressed full trust in them

with the increasing importance of water-based wood paint in healthy home decoration, its market demand is also growing, and the development of water-based wood paint has become an irresistible trend. The current demand is about 15 times that of the past. The reason why it is so popular if it belongs to class 1 precision is that the 380 V power supply, 220V power supply, industrial control motor source, printing motor source, display power supply and computer main motor source are connected in sequence because the water-based wood paint is not only of high quality and good effect, but also healthy and environmental protection. In order to meet the growing market demand, metus group has set up a special production workshop - water-based wood paint workshop

the establishment of Metz waterborne wood paint workshop will make an important contribution to further expanding product production and improving product quality in the future. This year, the metus water-based wood paint promotion meeting has been popular all over the country. Metus has made unremitting efforts to promote the water-based wood paint into the home decoration stage and achieved fruitful results. The establishment of the water-based wood paint workshop is undoubtedly the biggest backing support for the promotion of Metz water-based wood paint

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