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Selecting high-speed milling tools with balanced method

in order to maximize the benefits of high-speed milling by selecting the most appropriate tools, balanced method must be adopted, which is not only related to the tools, but also not only to the spindle speed of the machine tool or the machine tool itself, but also to the corresponding aspects, including workpiece material, component structure, required tool model and size, machine rigidity Torque effectiveness, tool handle balance and safety, etc

high speed milling itself is only a means, not the ultimate goal. Tim Marshall, product manager of Kenner Metals Co., Ltd. (headquartered in Latrobe, Pennsylvania, USA) and t. J. long, standard milling product engineer, are very optimistic about the prospect of maximizing metal removal rate. Marshall explained, "the machine can achieve 30000 rpm and higher spindle speeds. However, to make good use of today's high-speed milling tools, the horsepower/torque curve of the lathe needs to be taken into account", "If we can organically combine the maximum speed range of the machine tool with the current high-speed milling tool technology, we can maximize the metal removal rate. People who pay attention to high-speed milling should realize that maximizing the metal removal rate means making profits."

the above conclusion is applicable not only to large batch and high productivity processing, but also to small batch or one-time production. For mass production, racing against time means significantly reducing processing costs. For small batch or one-time production, such as the production of stamping/injection mold, the surface finish of the workpiece is improved through true 90 ° cutting, which can be processed at one time without subsequent grinding or polishing processes, thus shortening the processing cycle and realizing timely delivery

when using a high-speed milling tool, the user should first understand the reasonable surface speed range of the tool when cutting the processed material. Marshall said, "there is a big difference between turning a 5-inch diameter tool to 20000r/min and turning a 1-inch diameter tool to 20000r/min." Long added that in order to ensure the service life of the tool, reference must be made to the cutting speed recommended by the tool supplier (sfm= tool diameter × Revolutions per minute × 262)。

the ability of high-speed milling to cope with the growing demand of American manufacturers for closed-loop regeneration and the trend and result of manufacturing industry returning to shore also depend on its balance to a large extent. Long explained: "when the rotating speed reaches more than 8000r/min, eelcee plans to contact other oemss, it should always pay attention to maintaining balance, which is a universal truth.". The reason is that the tool handle with good balance can achieve better surface finish and improve wear resistance compared with other tool handles, thus greatly extending the service life of the tool. Some cutters have low structural balance in design (such as slotting milling cutters), while others (such as end mills with integral tool shanks) have good structural balance. Mill1 max, a high-speed and high feed aluminum alloy milling cutter newly developed by kena metal company, has a balance design in advance. The balance accuracy grade can reach g2.5 under the speed of 10000r/min. If most countries have launched strategies or plans to revitalize the manufacturing industry, they can also achieve a higher balance accuracy grade

long suggests that "in high balancing accuracy level machining, the tool needs to be rebalanced every time the blade is changed", "If each processing plant cannot equip itself with the required tool balancing equipment, the supplier (Kenner metal) can provide it. In order to ensure the maximum safety when the spindle rotates at high speed, the user also needs to replace the corresponding blade fastening screw at the same time each time when the blade is rotated, so as to ensure that the blade is locked firmly and the tightening torque value meets the specified requirements."

safety is the first factor to be considered, especially in high-speed machining operations. Long said: "when the rotating speed is close to 8000r/min, the broken object of the tool is equivalent to a flying shrapnel. Therefore, all doors, windows or covers on the high-speed machine tool should be made of bulletproof materials."

by selecting appropriate cutters to maximize the metal removal rate of the high-speed milling machine, the milling productivity of the company can be maximized and the production cost can be reduced. The difference between the cutting speed (square feet per minute) and the feed rate directly determines whether the maximum metal removal rate (MMR) can be achieved. According to long, similar to many other production schemes, mill1 Max milling cutter also has a guiding formula, that is, maximum metal removal rate = number of blades × Cutting axial depth × Cutting radial width × Chip load × Revolutions per minute

tim Marshall said: "users can achieve the maximum metal removal rate by controlling the revolutions per minute of the machine tool, so as to obtain the maximum benefit; by making full use of the maximum horsepower/torque of the machine tool, your machine tool can achieve a higher feed rate. Always pay attention to the problems found in the use process of the experimental machine and maximize the benefit (as can be achieved by using mill1 Max milling cutter)." (end)

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