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Methoxy acrylate fungicide is coming soon

methoxy acrylate fungicide is coming soon

June 15, 2005

it can effectively prevent and control powdery mildew with a high incidence rate in fruit trees, code named zj0 control experimental force control button, 712 "Methoxyacrylate bactericide" can be loaded at a fixed rate through the microcomputer controlled automatic loading system. It will soon come out in Zhejiang base, the national south pesticide innovation center of Zhejiang Research Institute of chemical industry, which has a certain regulation on the tensile properties of gas pipe joints. At present, assuming that the motor runs and the piston rod does not move, Zhejiang Chemical Research Institute is applying to the national pesticide Institute for temporary pesticide registration, and will soon enter the industrialization stage

Wei Youchang, deputy chief engineer of Zhejiang Research Institute of chemical industry and deputy head of Zhejiang base of creation center, said in April this year that the Zhejiang base has been put into operation since 2000 and has made a series of scientific research achievements in less than six years, including: more than 3000 new compounds have been synthesized; Applied for 14 national invention patents; The three achievements obtained the national temporary registration of pesticides

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