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Metso curtain coater: production of white paperboard from natural color paperboard

through the unique cooperation with Dong IL paper company, Metso and Dow have developed an exciting new technology, which can enable paper manufacturers to achieve the specific functions they need

Dong IL Paper Co., Ltd. of Korea has become the first company in the world to adopt Metso optilayer multi-layer curtain coater. It uses recycled natural color paperboard as raw material to produce high white vermicelli paperboard without adding expensive and technically complex bleached fiber layer. As a result, the company has entered the Korean high-grade coated paperboard Market and seized market share by producing high-quality and efficient products

at the end of 2008, this new multi-layer curtain coater was installed in the 4.1m wide No. 1 paper machine of Ansan paper mill near Seoul of Dong IL paper company. Through this transformation, Dong IL launched two new paper products, namely, high white vermicelli board (WL) and coated high white vermicelli board (CWL)

Jin Doo Kim, vice president and technical manager of Dong IL paper company, said that through the multi-layer curtain coating technology, we can endow our products with excellent performance at the right place and at the right cost, which improves our production flexibility. For example, the titanium dioxide used for light scattering is coated on the lower layer of the top layer, so the printability and adjustability of the top layer can be given, so the whiteness and other properties can be easily adjusted. At the same time, precise curtain coating technology can reduce coating loss and paper loss

driving force of technology development

jjin Doo Kim is a key driver of the commercial scale application of multi-layer curtain coater for coated paper production. He has maintained an extremely close cooperative relationship with Metso and Dow. He said that he has a clear positioning for this work. Dong IL paper belongs to Tailim packaging, the largest packaging company in Korea. Kim believes that as a member of the largest comprehensive packaging company, Dong IL paper has a broad market outlook. He began to think about the coating process, and was very interested in how the annual output of Beijing Dongfang Yuhong Waterproof Technology Co., Ltd., Guangdong Keshun Chemical Industry Co., Ltd., Wuhan ZhuoBao Technology Co., Ltd., 4 Sichuan Shuyang waterproof material Co., Ltd. and other enterprises developed from several thousand tons to more than ten thousand tons to realize the non-contact coating technology

the new optilayer multi-layer curtain coater is the result of the team cooperation between Metso and Dow. Kim was very interested in it and was involved in the project earlier. He said that Dow's expertise in chemicals, together with Metso's excellent process and our experience in the cardboard production, printing and packaging market, helped us achieve outstanding results

of course, in addition to excellent team cooperation, it also needs to complete a lot of work. At the same time, the project promotion process will not always be smooth sailing. In 2005, we decided to conduct several pilot tests with Metso in Finland, but frankly, that attempt was unsuccessful. Kim recalled that in fact, it was a very unsuccessful attempt. 5. During the test run process, a smooth power supply was guaranteed, but I said I would come back. Then, in the second year, we came to Finland again and made more efforts. After the success of the pilot test, we decided to purchase optilayer curtain coater in 2007

the output increases month by month

the new equipment runs well. Kim said that the current monthly output of curtain coated paper is 20000 tons, accounting for 15% of our total output. We have witnessed that the output of high white vermicelli board is increasing month by month, with a good upward momentum. Of course, the printing industry, like the paper industry, is a conservative industry, but we have made good progress every month as planned. And those advanced printing manufacturers soon realized the advantages brought by the new paperboard products

in the past, Dong IL paper company did not produce coated paperboard or top white paperboard products, but with the operation of optilayer coating equipment, Dong IL can produce two coating products, namely WL and CWL

The ration of

wl is 180g/m2, which is used to replace the white faced paperboard with bleached primary fiber on the top layer. W "Martens of Dong II paper pointed out that l does not use bleached fiber, but uses a simple two-layer curtain coating technology in one step, so that the total coating weight is 16g/m2, which is enough to achieve the product quality goal and ensure that the product has good competitiveness in the market

cwl has 180 g/m2 and 220 g/m2 quantitative products, which are used to replace the coated white faced paperboard. The total coating quantity is 23 g/m2. The base paper uses recycled natural fiber

market demand drives supply growth

the market trend is one of the factors driving us to choose curtain coaters. Kim said that the bleached fiber layer is not an ideal printing surface. Compared with the bleached fiber layer with slightly poor printing performance, our customers hope to obtain coated paperboard products with better printing quality. In addition, bleached fiber is too expensive to keep us competitive. To this end, we know that we must produce high value-added products. The perfect coating effect brought by the curtain coater can give us the characteristics we want. On the other hand, it will not make customers, printing manufacturers and processing manufacturers feel that the price is high

he pointed out that he finally achieved excellent results and market satisfaction, and seized the market opportunity. Kim believes that those advanced customers and printing manufacturers, including some of our subsidiaries, soon realized the advantages brought by the new WL products. The product surface is highly compact, and the ink is not easy to penetrate into the paper, so the ink consumption can be greatly reduced. Of course, in order to achieve this goal, the process needs to be adjusted, but the results of low ink consumption and low cost can be achieved. In addition, it is more in line with environmental protection requirements

move as you decide, with unlimited returns

it is natural to take certain risks when expanding the market, but if you want to survive in the industry, you must stand the test of these risks. Everyone thinks that the paper industry is in trouble, but I think those who hold this view do not think deeply. Moreover, frankly speaking, it is the paper manufacturers who personally make the paper industry in trouble. I think the paper industry is facing many challenges, but there are also many opportunities for people to explore

it is obvious that Jin Doo Kim and Dong IL paper company have achieved success with the help of optilayer technology

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