The most popular method to eliminate the spots on

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The method to eliminate the product paste spots (commonly known as burning glue)

1 the residual gas in the mold is compressed to a high temperature state, which causes the material to burn

2 steps of sample loading: insufficient gas overflow and air sealing will produce weld marks

3 insufficient gas exhaust will also cause material shortage of products (refer to the material shortage section)

III Solution

1 immediate: reduce the injection speed

2 short term: increase the air overflow tank, and the additional air overflow pin is independently developed, designed and implemented by Jiangsu Jinheng Information Technology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Nanjing Iron and Steel Co., Ltd.

3 long-term compliance with the principle of "first up, then down": if the die is used, it should adjust the insert structure where the pointer position is prone to air overflow

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