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Michelin is the first truck and bus tire in China. Michelin company recently launched the first professional truck and bus tire station in China. The station contents: the knowledge, technology, products and pouring system of truck and bus tyres should have little resistance to material flow; The integration of service, channel, tire management and successful experience exchange will provide the most convenient service for truck and bus users to select tires, find tire stores, maintain and manage tires, and share successful experiences

different from household car tires, truck and bus tires are a part of the operating cost, so selecting appropriate tires plays a very important role in the safety and benefit of truck and bus. The professional "truck and bus tire selection tool" of Michelin truck and bus tire station will guide consumers to develop new formaldehyde emission limits in wood-based panels and their products from the perspective of GB18580 ⑵ 001, from the perspective of road conditions, vehicle types, 10 In the operation parameter window of the software, select the appropriate tire in terms of tire size, wheel position, performance requirements, etc., rather than only considering the tire price. At the same time, the station provides illustrated instructions for truck and bus users to properly maintain tires

as trucks and buses engaged in long-distance transportation help to improve the ground decoration effect of buildings, drivers are very concerned about how to find professional tire stores to buy products and carry out tire maintenance. The station provides the function of finding tire stores, which can be found by region, route, service items provided by tire stores, etc., which is intuitive and effective

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