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Michelin leads the racing driver to the Dakar Rally podium Michelin leads the racing driver to the Dakar Rally podium China Construction Machinery Information Guide: one year after returning to the world famous cross-country rally - Dakar Rally, Michelin returned to the 36th Dakar rally without any suspense. Michelin's cooperative teams swept the top, second and third places in automobile group, Motorcycle Group and Truck Group. It can't be said that this is Michelin tire and Michelin engineer group

one year after returning to the world famous cross-country rally - Dakar Rally, Michelin returned to the 36th Dakar rally without suspense. The cooperative teams of Michelin swept the top, second and third places in the automobile group, Motorcycle Group and Truck Group. It can not be said that this is a brilliant victory for the professional technology of Michelin tire and Michelin engineer team. The Michelin latitude C tyres provided by the automobile group, Michelin det race tyres equipped with Michelin Bib mousse technology in the Motorcycle Group and Michelin xzl+ tyres of the truck group make the cooperative teams fully control this year's Dakar Rally. This event is recognized as one of the most difficult events since the event was first moved to South America

Automobile Group - Michelin latitude C: absolute benchmark

Michelin not only helped Nani Roma and Michel Perin win the race as the tire partner of the mini x-raid team, but also the top five teams in the race used Michelin tires. The racer who used Michelin latitude C won 12 of the 13 stages, which fully proved that Michelin's special off-road tension tire is the perfect embodiment of speed, strength and diversity. The all-round performance of this Michelin tyre still helped the three cooperative teams of Michelin win the championship of the sub race under the numerous challenges on the track (fast track, floating soil road, sand, etc.) and even the occasional extreme temperature. Michelin latitude C also helped St é phane peterhansel to set a new record of winning the Dakar Rally segment race up to 65 times

the experience of the 2014 Dakar Rally provided Michelin with valuable technical data. Based on this, Michelin group has developed safer and more durable mass-produced tires, which are specially used in the South American and Asian markets with less asphalt pavement

motorcycle set - Michelin det race tyres equipped with Michelin Bib mousse Technology: 13 stops and 12 wins

except for one stage, the cooperative team of Michelin Motorcycle Group swept the top of other stages of the 2014 race. At the same time, Michelin det race tires equipped with Michelin Bib mousse technology have become the strongest backing for motorcycle riders to pursue supreme honor. There is no doubt that the champion of this group will fall into the bag of Marc coma (driving 'factory' KTM 450 motorcycle). He has been in the leading position since the beginning by using his natural navigation ability and ultra-high control technology. The knight from Catalonia has brought the performance of his motorcycle and Michelin tires to the extreme, and there was no accident in the whole race. He drew a great distance from the pursuer, so he easily won the Valparaiso stage. Michelin is located in the R & D center of Clermont Ferrand, France. 4. The engineer who uses which micrometer to accurately measure the inner diameter of each stainless steel wire eye has developed a tire product that combines strength, agility, good traction and durability. At the same time, They also played a positive and important role in the other two Michelin drivers Jordi VI turning the DC motor to apply torque to the test piece ladoms (KTM) and Olivier pain (Yamaha) winning the top three of the race. Michelin Bib mousse technology, which was born for Michelin's off-road tension tire, also played a very important role in Dakar Rally. This advanced solution to replace the air inside the tire can optimize the handling of the tire while avoiding puncture. Marc coma won the Dakar Rally for the fourth time, which increased the number of motorcycle rally champions of Michelin in in all 36 races to 31

Truck Group - Michelin xzl+ tire: the hero behind the memorable competition

this year's truck group competition can be said to be the most difficult competition in the previous Dakar Rally Championship. Champion drivers Andrey karginov and G é rard de r note: the experimental experience shows that ooy launched a fierce competition for the championship and lasted for two weeks. Before that, such an exciting competition could only be seen in the car group and motorcycle. Their Michelin xzl+ tyres face the ultimate test in each segment race, but the most conventional tyres in this truck group still stand the test. Michelin xzl+ tyres not only show their excellent traction, strength and puncture resistance, but also have the same performance on the soft sand in Atacama Desert and the gravel roads in Argentina and Chile. This tire ensured that the two cooperative teams of Michelin, Kamaz (Kamaz) and Iveco (Iveco), won the first, second and third place in this group


as a leader in the global tire industry, Michelin is committed to improving the sustainable mobility of goods and human beings. The tires it manufactures and sells are widely used in aircraft, automobiles, bicycles/motorcycles, construction machinery, agricultural machinery equipment, trucks and other means of transportation. At the same time, Michelin also provides electronic mobile support services for travel through its stations, and publishes travel guides, hotel and catering guides, maps and road atlases. Michelin group, headquartered in Clermont Ferrand, France, currently has 69 factories in 18 countries and 113400 employees in more than 170 countries. Michelin has a technology center and a number of R & D operations in Europe, North America and Asia

In 1989, Michelin established its first representative office in Chinese Mainland. In the spirit of hundred years' innovation, Michelin brought advanced technology and high-quality products to China. At the end of 1995, Michelin Shenyang Tire Co., Ltd. was established. In 2001, Michelin (China) Investment Co., Ltd. was established in Shanghai. At present, Michelin has more than 6700 employees and four factories in China, and has set up sales offices in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Shenyang, Xi'an and Hong Kong, with sales networks all over the country

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