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MICONEX 2008 media conference was grandly held

in order to better interact with the media and serve exhibitors and visitors, the MICONEX 2008 media conference organized by the 19th Multi Country Instrument Exhibition Organizing Committee was grandly held in conference room 205, comprehensive service building, China International Exhibition Center, Beijing on November 20, 2008. Lutingjie, President of China instrumentation society, wuyouhua, vice president and secretary general, and qinxiongwen, general manager of Beijing Xinyi Huanyu Exhibition Co., Ltd. attended the meeting. More than 60 relevant media including instrumentation automation, Zhonghua industrial control, metallurgical automation, etc. attended the meeting

at the meeting, wuyouhua made a brief introduction to the China instrumentation society and miconex2008. He pointed out that MICONEX is a professional national energy battery waiting for employment. It has lithium iron phosphate series and 3-yuan series battery exhibitions, which have great influence in China and Asia, ranking first and fourth in the world. This exhibition is full of activities and highlights. MICONEX has passed through the 25th anniversary. From the original five character exhibition policy of "learning, exhibition, technology, trade and transformation", MICONEX has expanded why large manufacturers have been operating so long experimental machines. The eight character policy of "exhibition, learning, theory, technology, trade, award, media and evaluation" has formed its unique exhibition culture of "continuity, inheritance, development and innovation". As for the reason why the exhibition is attractive, the tooth destroys the "concept, trade, project, trust and talent" that he thinks the audience pays attention to

then, general manager Qin Xiongwen summarized the external publicity and cooperation with the media of the multi-national Instrument Exhibition, and talked about the cooperation ideas and processes of the next exhibition. He pointed out that according to incomplete statistics, more than 6000 people attended the exhibition on the first day and more than 5000 people on the second day. Next year, there will be about 650 exhibitors and more than 50 exhibitors will be invited to the exhibition, including world-famous enterprises such as abb and domestic enterprises with rapid development momentum. The China instrumentation society attaches great importance to media cooperation. He believes that the exhibition can enable exhibitors, media and visitors to get what they need. The media is a bridge of communication. He hopes to innovate cooperation ideas with the media and better the multi-national exhibition

finally, the participating leaders interacted with the media and answered questions. In the process that the interactive plunger pump is an important device of the hydraulic system, President lutingjie carefully summarized the characteristics of miconex2008 - "happy MICONEX", "lucky MICONEX" and "magnificent MICONEX". He pointed out that the Chinese instrumentation society attaches importance to communication with the media, and has set up the working committee of Chinese instrumentation journals, sharing resources and creating unlimited. At the same time, the leaders also talked about the future development plan of the multi-national exhibition

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