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Select the method of stepper motor driver matching with stepper motor

the operation of stepper motor requires a power electronic device with pulse distribution to drive. This device is a stepper motor driver. A good stepper motor cannot operate without the drive of the driver. Only the matching motor driver can make the motor run in the best operating state, So how to choose a driver that can improve motor performance

I. select the appropriate driver according to the rated current of the stepper motor

any stepper motor to achieve this goal has its own rated current, and the maximum current of the driver selected with it cannot be lower than the rated current of the motor. p>

II. Select the driver according to the required step angle

generally, the step angles of 1.8, 1.2 and 0.72 are available in the market. However, due to the increasing requirements of customers for the accuracy of the motor. 3. The accuracy level of the experimental machine: the higher the level 1 is, the step elastic lag divided by the elastic deformation energy is equal to the damping capacity The pitch angle also has different requirements. In order to meet the needs of customers, the motor manufacturer subdivides the motor by subdividing the driver. There are half step, full step, binary, binary, and full subdivision for Shanshe motor drivers. Customers can choose different subdivision drivers according to their product needs

III. according to the AC and DC voltage provided by the power supply, the voltage can be divided into AC voltage and DC voltage. The stepping motor driver has a rated voltage. When selecting the driver, select the motor driver whose rated voltage is within the voltage range that the power supply can provide. If the rated voltage of the selected driver is too low and the voltage supplied by the power supply to the driver is higher than the rated voltage of the driver, it is easy to burn out the driver. Shanshe motor provides AC and DC drives for customers with different needs

IV. select the driver according to the voltage required for the stepper motor to reach a certain speed during operation

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