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The sales volume of foamed plastic lunch boxes in the national market exceeded 10billion

in August, an enterprise producing disposable foamed plastic lunch boxes in Guangzhou was exposed by CCTV. In the program, foamed plastic lunch boxes emit black smoke after burning, and the news of "toxic" foamed plastic lunch boxes spread like wildfire

the national market sales exceeded 10billion. Foamed plastic lunch box disposable foamed plastic lunch box, also known as foam lunch box, is made of polystyrene and has the characteristics of light weight, heat preservation, oil resistance, water resistance and low price. According to incomplete statistics, in 2007, in the past ten years, foamed plastic lunch boxes accounted for 2/3 of the market share in China, but they have not been able to obtain legal status. Since the foamed plastic lunch boxes were "forbidden to be produced, sold and used" in 1999, the production of disposable foamed plastic lunch boxes has always been an "underground production"

you Xiaoping, a member of the national 133 building adhesive development and Reform Commission, said that the parties to the 2010 version of the industrial structure adjustment and guidance program can apply for a five-year draft for comments on the specific exemption list when any load is applied, which has deleted the primary foamed plastic lunch boxes originally listed in the "elimination category"

the information disclosed by China Plastics Processing Industry Association, which is not officially recognized, means that the "white pollution" disposable foamed plastic lunch boxes can be publicly produced and used in the future

dongjinshi, executive vice president and Secretary of the International Food Packaging Association, believes that if the foam lunch boxes are deleted from the elimination catalogue of the latest industrial structure adjustment, it shows that the national industrial policy is like a joke, changing day and night

for domestic manufacturers of foamed plastic lunch boxes, the ban is equivalent to bad news. According to the data, in 1999, there were more than 170 production lines producing disposable foamed plastic lunch boxes in China

taking Beijing as an example, in 1997, six manufacturers of disposable foamed plastic lunch boxes in Beijing invested more than 30 million yuan to establish eight recycling stations. After the "order 6", the processing capacity of these recycling equipment plummeted from 1834 tons per year to 896 tons in 2001, and the number of recycling stations shrank to three

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