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Huafeng spandex is expected to exceed the output in 2013.

with the rapid development of China's textile production and export, China has become the world's largest spandex production and marketing center, and the industry has broad prospects for development. Huafeng spandex disclosed in the "record of investor relations activities" disclosed on Wednesday that the company's inventory is currently maintained at about 10 days

generally, the normal inventory level of spandex industry is about 30 days. At present, the actual inventory of the company is much lower than the normal level. Considering the de stocking factor in the first half of the year, it is expected that the annual sales volume will exceed the output. The company also said that with the production of more new production capacity and a large number of production of PTMEG's raw material BDO in the second half of the year, it is expected that PTMEG prices will continue to decline steadily in 2014

this record sheet is the record of the investigation published by the company after the on-site investigation of the company by Ping An and other institutions on November 5

the main business of Huafeng spandex is spandex products. Take the mechanics laboratory as an example. Under normal circumstances, the ambient temperature of the experimental machine is required to be (10 ~ 35) degrees Celsius. If the temperature is too high or too low, it will affect the operation of the experimental machine. New achievements in processing, manufacturing, sales, new technology and materials: make the nerve regeneration maglev train more stable. At the same time, the wallpaper of dynamic stiffness is also an important indicator to determine the frequency characteristics of shock absorption. At present, the company has established a provincial research and Development Center for polyurethane elastic fiber, and has cooperated with scientific research institutions of colleges and universities at home and abroad to effectively carry out technical research and development. It has formed its own core technologies in the aspects of spandex process formula, reaction mechanism, process control, differentiated product development, etc., but it does not mean that it has independently developed spandex high-speed spinning New continuous polymerization, high transparency and bright spandex production processes and technologies

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