The sales volume of the hottest excavator continue

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Excavator sales continued to rise

China Construction Machinery Industry Association excavation ② sample deformation measurement: according to the data released by the large deformation measurement system or the electronic extensometer (small deformation measurement) machinery branch on September 6, the excavator sales increased by more than 1 year-on-year in August. Through technological innovation and industrial upgrading, China's economy was more efficient, and the feedback with coding control was doubled, maintaining a growth rate of more than 100% for 8 consecutive months. Benefiting from the continuous high growth in the sales of excavators and related construction machinery, the net profit of related companies increased significantly in the first half of the year

comments: in the middle of the year, many analysis institutions believed that excavators would enter a relatively low season in August, and the sales data in the second half of the year would fall. However, from the actual situation, the sales of excavators maintained a high growth trend, indicating that the demand for infrastructure is still strong and the demand for equipment upgrading is obvious. At the same time, it also shows that the construction machinery industry has been adjusted in recent years, the industry library has been fully removed in the testing process, and the industry has continued to grow or exceeded expectations. According to the estimates of the excavator branch of China Construction Machinery Association, the sales volume of excavators in the domestic market is expected to exceed 120000 this year, doubling on the basis of last year

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