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Sales in 2013 exceeded RMB 1.8 billion. Sany Asia Pacific breakthrough sales in 2013 exceeded RMB 1.8 billion. Introduction to China Construction Machinery Information: we live in an era of interdependence. The world has never been so closely connected as today, and Asia has never been so in need of win-win cooperation. This is the keynote speech delivered by Chinese Premier Li Keqiang at the Boao Forum for Asia on April 10. When the win-win cooperation at the national level becomes people

we live in an era of interdependence. The world has never been so closely connected as it is today. Asia has never been so in need of win-win cooperation. " This is the keynote speech delivered by Chinese Premier Li Keqiang at the Boao Forum for Asia on April 10. When win-win cooperation at the national level has become a broad consensus, as the "vanguard" in the economic field, enterprises will always take the lead

2013 sales exceeded RMB 1.8 billion. Sany Heavy Industry Asia Pacific breakthrough

from the perspective of China's construction machinery industry, the Chinese machinery and equipment Corps represented by SANY has been practicing the concept of win-win cooperation. Xiefeng, general manager of Sany Asia Pacific, feels deeply about this concept: only by adhering to the Sany culture of helping agents and customers succeed, abandoning the view of the Chinese construction machinery industry, focusing on long-term interests and developing in a group, can we break into a Xintiandi. According to the data, in 2013, Sany Asia Pacific's sales exceeded 1.8 billion yuan, which is the "final examination report card" handed over by Asia Pacific

Sany Asia Pacific's performance has doubled six times in five years. Chinese equipment has become the main product in the New Asia Pacific market.

since 2009, after five years of tempering, with the unremitting efforts of Xie Feng and others, this Xintiandi has begun to take shape - that is, the cost-effective construction machinery made in China will boost the national development and economic construction in the Asia Pacific region, so as to achieve mutual benefit and win-win situation

the process of hard work is obviously arduous. Xie Feng told that before 2009, the new construction machinery market in the Asia Pacific region was almost controlled by international giants such as the United States, Europe, Japan and South Korea. The Chinese construction machinery Corps not only did not have much market share, but was only a "small role" in the Asia Pacific Construction Machinery market, let alone a voice

under this situation, Sany decided to take the lead in breaking the deadlock, trying to make Chinese made Yangwei Asia Pacific and make Chinese construction machinery recognized by Asia Pacific customers. In 2009, a group of marketing elites like Xie Feng were sent to many countries in the Asia Pacific region to undertake this important task

Xie Feng still has a deep memory of his days in Asia Pacific. According to him, at the beginning of dealing with customers, when customers heard that the construction machinery was made in China, many people either perfunctorily or directly refused to meet them. Xie Feng and his team members have almost met such a closed door. Even some customers prefer to use European and American erxie rather than Chinese made equipment

the temporary setback did not defeat these determined "pioneers". According to Xiefeng, because of working and living overseas for many years, many Sany employees have fully integrated into the local area and become Asia Pacific localization talents. There are even many marketing personnel and service engineers who directly marry and have children locally. Employees with slightly better economic conditions send their families to the area where they work

the premise of this is that you must spend a lot of time and energy to persuade your family. Fortunately, most of the family members of Sany employees support their work, but there are some exceptions. Just last year, a trinity Service Engineer married a local Indonesian girl. As a result, on the day of the wedding in Indonesia, the groom's mother cried and swollen her eyes because she thought it would be difficult to see her son and daughter-in-law after returning home. It is a problem that Xie Feng has been solving to do well in family work and retain localized talents

however, the benefits of internationalization and localization of talents are obvious, which makes made in China more and more recognized by customers. In the largest construction machinery order in Thailand in 2013, Xiefeng and the first generation Darui of Thailand were stationed there for many years. They soon learned this information. Through their efforts, Sany successfully won the order. "In particular, Darui is not only fluent in Thai, but also has worked and lived in Thailand for 8 years. He has integrated into Thai culture, but also maintains the Sany concept of 'quality changes the world and service creates value'."

similarly, localization plays a more direct and obvious role in agents. Xiefeng believes that the agency system is the foundation of Sany's overseas market development. In the selection of 27 agents, the agents in the Asia Pacific region are selected in strict accordance with the requirements of the group, so as to realize the strong alliance between agents and sany

it is this combination of strong and powerful that has made the performance of Sany Asia Pacific region six times over the past five years. According to relevant reports, Sany's export volume in Thailand, Indonesia, Australia, Myanmar, Vietnam and Singapore ranks first in the same industry in China. Especially in Thailand and other markets in 2013, the market share of Sany truck crane new machine products exceeded 70%

take the initiative to maintain the nearly 50 key projects of the made in China signboard Asia Pacific, which are "escorted" by SANY equipment.

the cooperation between Sany Asia Pacific and agents is not only reflected in sales, but also in service work. Xie Feng said that the Asia Pacific has always adhered to the development of agency marketing channels and the agency service model

up to now, the Asia Pacific region has established an excellent service team of 291 people, including 6 service department managers, 72 service managers, management representatives, technical and accessory support engineers of front-line assistance agents, 213 agent service personnel and 15 per capita service equipment; 103 service vehicles, 40 for each vehicle; 56 parts points

the completeness of hardware has made Sany Asia Pacific recognized by customers. "What is more important is our excellent service concept, which abandons portal stereotypes and maintains an open and inclusive mind, which is more favored by customers."

an event three years ago has always been fresh in Xiefeng's memory

that day, Xiefeng met a customer on the plane. During the conversation, he learned that the customer had purchased a product from a Chinese competitor, but after a short time of use, the equipment broke down. Because Lianxin materials could not activate the new kinetic energy of the building materials industry, there were no maintenance personnel, so the equipment could not be used. After listening to the customer, Xiefeng told the other party that Sany Heavy Industries not only has maintenance sites in Thailand, but also has parts warehouses. Sany Asia Pacific can serve him

after returning to Thailand, Xie Feng sent a service engineer to repair the equipment for the customer. After inspection, the service engineer found that the electrical components were damaged, but there were no such electrical components in Thailand at that time. Xiefeng told other service engineers to bring the parts when they returned to Thailand

after the equipment was repaired, Xiefeng did not take this matter to heart. One day, Darui told Xiefeng that a customer asked to see him by name when purchasing Sany products. When Xiefeng came to the negotiation table, he found that the customer was no other than the one he met on the plane

later, the customer successively purchased nearly 20 Sany devices. In this regard, Xiefeng said, "at that time, I didn't expect customers to buy Sany products. I just thought that since it was a product made in China, we should maintain this signboard and work together to make the construction machinery made in China recognized by Asia Pacific customers."

Xiefeng, who believes in the concept of "one prosperity and one loss", has also won the respect of customers. According to incomplete statistics, Sany products are all involved in nearly 50 key projects, including Thailand national railway station, Indonesia Castle Peak Industrial Park, Malaysia's second airport, Vietnam thermal power plant project, Cambodia's Guogong hydropower station and Sihanouk thermal power station, the tallest building in the Philippines, Australia's largest natural gas, and are widely praised by customers

it has been a "golden decade" with Asia Pacific countries. Xiefeng believes that the Asia Pacific region is a key technical link of experimental machines and has always been the pioneer of Sany's internationalization. During the future "Diamond decade" cooperation, Sany Asia Pacific's great leap horn low-temperature thermostatic bath should be cleaned regularly

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