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The sales volume of Wuxi Diesel LNG engine increased by 300% year-on-year.

liquefied natural gas (LNG) is a kind of purer natural gas, which is cleaner, more pure, free of impurities and more conducive to environmental protection. Recently, Jiefang j6p tractor equipped with Xichai LNG engine (hereinafter referred to as Xichai LNG engine) stands out among many competitive products with its six special technical advantages, especially in Shanxi, Shaanxi, Liaoning, Hebei, Xinjiang and other regions, and its sales growth rate is really eye-catching. According to the latest statistics, from January to April, the sales volume of Wuxi Diesel LNG engines increased by 300% year-on-year

the sales volume of Xichai LNG engine increased by 300% year-on-year.

the general name of all kinds of machinery and devices used in the plastic processing industry of Xichai L. n most automobile enterprises are very cautious when selecting suppliers. G machine is not only hot selling, but also has attracted industry attention because its product characteristics are highly linked with "green"

On May 10, in Fenyang, Shanxi Province, which is known as the "dry wharf of Qin and Jin Dynasties", the bright sunshine bathed the rows of fully equipped j6p heavy trucks of Xichai LNG machines on the parking lot of Fenyang Limin automobile trading company. This was the scene of the "delivery ceremony of 100 Xichai LNG machines to liberate j6p" (as shown in the figure). When the relevant leaders delivered the liberation gold key symbolizing wealth to the users, The j6p heavy trucks of hundreds of Xichai LNG machines honked their horns, making a great noise... Wushenghui, manager of Shanxi Business Department of Xichai sales company, happily told us that at the scene of the delivery ceremony, Xichai had received new orders for 353 more LNG machines

"in May, the orders of the two automobile trading companies in Luliang and Linfen, Shanxi alone exceeded 100 units." According to Mr. Wu, Jiefang j6p heavy trucks equipped with Wuxi Diesel LNG engines are currently selling well in Shanxi, with frequent orders, including some large users. In April alone, they received orders for more than 200 units, and in May, the number of orders quickly exceeded 700 units, which is still increasing. In addition, the automobile trading company in Fenyang, Shanxi Province, ordered 77 Jiefang j6p heavy trucks equipped with Xichai Aowei five LNG engines at one time. Manager Wu said, "although there are many brands of LNG heavy trucks to choose from in the market, users here have identified Jiefang j6p trucks loaded with Wuxi Diesel LNG engines. They would rather wait a few months, but they must buy Jiefang j6p heavy trucks matching with Wuxi Diesel LNG engines."

nowadays, Jiefang j6p cars of Xichai Aowei LNG machine are selling well in Linfen, the "first capital of China" in Qin and Jin Dynasties, or Luliang, the holy land of revolution. They not only leave a piece of green grass and blue sky here, but also create good social benefits for it

a promotion meeting in the northwest of Jingxiu won 68 orders

came into being and took advantage of the situation

"in one promotion meeting, the number of orders reached 68!" Zhang Yu, manager of Xichai's business unit in Shaanxi, said happily that on April 19, the Jiefang j6p tractor promotion meeting with Xichai LNG engine (ca6sme5) was held in Chengcheng County, Shaanxi. The atmosphere was warm and users' enthusiasm for ordering was high. It quickly exceeded 60 vehicles in a short time

according to manager Zhang, Chengcheng County is located in the east of Guanzhong Basin in Shaanxi, on the black belt of Weibei in Shaanxi, with a coal storage capacity of 4billion tons and an annual output of 3.5 million tons of raw coal. In addition, the rich anti impact properties of mineral resources measurement materials also make it one of the important areas for coal transportation in the east of Guanzhong. With the soaring of domestic oil prices, the improvement of national emission standards, and the improvement of users' concept of vehicle cost, Jiefang j6p model equipped with Xichai Aowei LNG engine is popular among users because of its "big solar term and power". He said, "in the early stage, there was a logistics company in Chengcheng County who just purchased 10 sets of Xichai Aowei LNG machines for Jiefang j6p 6 × After the 4 tractor, the order for 5 sets of Wuxi Diesel LNG engines has been added at one time recently

"about 800 kilometers back and forth, the standard high-speed fuel consumption is only about 2 yuan per kilometer, which can save 5-60 cents per kilometer compared with the original fuel burning car, and 80000-90000 yuan a year!" Zhao Lei, a user in Shaanxi, told his personal experience of using the car. "In March, 2013, I bought the Jiefang j6p car of Xichai Aowei LNG machine, which has been in use for 4 years. The accumulated mileage has reached 1.2 million kilometers. It has the special ability of being invulnerable to weapons. The engine has not been repaired yet. Recently, I ordered two Jiefang heavy trucks of 350 HP Xichai LNG machine at one time!"

"the Jiefang heavy truck equipped with Wuxi Diesel Aowei LNG engine has become a powerful prairie fire in the Qin and Jin Dynasties, and now it is so popular that it is out of stock!" Manager Zhang said, "at present, Jiefang J6 heavy truck loaded with Xichai Aowei LNG machine is in hot demand."

six technology leaders of majestic force "show" the market

it is extremely gorgeous and belongs to the Tao

"according to the calculation, the fuel cost of Xichai LNG engine can be saved by more than 30% per hundred kilometers and more than 100000 yuan per year." A user in Altay, Xinjiang, bought 20 Jiefang j6p Tractors Equipped with Xichai LNG engines in the early stage. After several months of use, he felt that Xichai LNG engines were "gas-efficient and powerful". Recently, he bought 10 Jiefang j6p heavy trucks equipped with Xichai LNG engines at one time

"what we value is the strong power, reliable quality and extremely low gas consumption of Xichai LNG engine." Mr. Wu, the user, said that he bought 6 Jiefang heavy trucks of Xichai LNG engine in 2014, and the use effect was quite good. "Xichai LNG has enough power. In case of a long slope, it can easily pass by just adding a little throttle. After one year, it has earned an extra driver's salary."

why is Jiefang j6p tractor equipped with Wuxi Diesel LNG engine popular with users

Xichai technical experts gave the answer -

"the Xichai LNG engine carried by Jiefang J6 LNG tractor has six advantages of" three high, one large and two low ", namely, high safety, high reliability, high comfort, large torque, low gas consumption and low self weight". "One big" refers to high power. Compared with competing products, the displacement is more than 1L, and the domestic displacement is the largest. It brings more torque and power, and it is easier to overtake on a hill. "Two provinces" means to save money and worry

"Xichai LNG engine has the first solar term technology with single cylinder, four valves and overhead camshaft technology in China. It has accurate gas distribution, uniform fuel mixing and higher combustion efficiency." According to the introduction of Xichai technical experts, Xichai LNG engine adopts the most mature econtrol lean combustion technology in the world, and the natural gas flow controller adopts electronic pressure regulator (EPR) technology and air-fuel ratio closed-loop control strategy, with the lowest gas consumption of external characteristics ≤ 190g/kwh. It is estimated that a hundred kilometers of Wuxi Diesel LNG engine can save 2kg of natural gas, and this alone can save nearly 20000 yuan a year. At the same time, through the use of special cast spark plug sleeve cylinder head, special valve and high-temperature powder metallurgy material valve seat ring, Xichai effectively reduces engine oil consumption; The reliability is greatly improved by adopting the design of special moving parts; The special ignition system is adopted, so that the service life of spark plug of Wuxi Diesel LNG engine is up to 100000 km, and the cost can be reduced by 1200 yuan per year compared with competitive products

whether in terms of energy saving effect, power or economy, Xichai LNG engine shows great competitive advantages, and hot sales are inevitable

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